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New movie "Look" shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras

Published by Dan on December 12, 2007 12:22 PM

Director Adam Rifkin's new film "Look" opens in limited release on Dec. 14. What makes the film so interesting is that it's shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras. Rifkin got the idea after noticing the number of security cameras monitoring his shopping experience at Target. He decided it to use the film medium as a way to closer examine how video surveillance affects our daily lives.

To capture the surveillance point of view, Rifkin directed the film by placing cameras in areas where security cameras are typically located: in retail stores, school hallways, above ATMs, etc. A handful of characters are followed over the course of several days. Since the film uses only surveillance footage, we're able to witness the various scenarios in which security cameras come into play in everyday life.

With "Look," Rifkin shows us examples of the effectiveness of video surveillance as well as some of its limitations and complexities. The timing of the movie's release is particularly apt, given the continuing developments in video surveillance technology, and the increasing popularity of security cameras for a vast range of applications. Every day, for instance, we hear of another school, city or town increasing its overall security with the help of surveillance cameras. In Rifkin's film, we get a fictional take on just what those cameras are seeing.

Learn more at the movie's official website...

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