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Network cameras will make up 50% of surveillance landscape in 2013, report says

Published by Jennifer on July 3, 2008 11:01 AM

There's been a lot of speculation about network cameras lately - that use will double by 2011, that analog video will never die, and so on. Research firm Frost & Sullivan has released a new report - "North American IT and Telecom Opportunities in the Network Video Surveillance Markets" which puts forth a much more drastic claim - that by 2013, half the surveillance cameras in North America will be IP cameras.

Yes, analog cameras still dominate the security camera market. They're inexpensive, appear less intimidating, and popular among small businesses. Companies with existing analog security camera systems are reticent to switch over to newer, IP-based camera technology. In fact, when the first network camera came onto the market in 1996, experts predicted that 12 years later, IP cameras would be king. A lack of infrastructure, limited storage options and expense have all been limitations on the expansion of the IP camera market.

These holdbacks are disappearing, however - new infrastructure is being built daily to keep pace with expanding network usage. New technologies (like video analytics, which analog cameras have not been able to match) are setting the security of IP cameras apart from their analog predecessors. Prices are dropping as IP cameras become more mainstream, and many organizations (especially governments and schools) are starting to look forward in their security needs - choosing IP cameras over the cheaper analog versions. These factors, say Frost & Sullivan, are going to be essential catalysts in bringing over smaller businesses, banks, retail stores, and convenience stores to the IP world. But - they assure, network cameras will dominate by 2013.

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