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Middle East Leans Towards IP Video Technology

Published by Ellen on July 26, 2012 12:59 PM

The Middle East is now teetering towards the widespread adoption of IP video according to IMS Research. In 2011, sales of IP video surveillance cameras and equipment comprised over half (53%) of the entire Middle Eastern video surveillance market.

The previous 2010 report "Middle East Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment" published by IMS Research predicted that IP video sales would not surpass 50% of market sales until 2012. Report author Oliver Philippou suggests that the rise in massive infrastructure projects has propelled growth:

"With less impact from the 2008 economic slowdown than expected due to the conservative nature of the Islamic banking system and an increase in global oil demands, many regions of the Middle East have continued to see massive infrastructure projects. This has led to an acceleration in the transition from analogue to network video surveillance technologies."

By 2016, network video camera and equipment sales are expected to have a dominant foothold in the market. Philippou goes on to add, "With some countries, including Turkey, still predominantly installing analogue equipment, this transition is just getting started. Network video surveillance equipment is forecast to account for 79 percent of network and analogue video surveillance equipment sales in the Middle East by 2016."

The build-out of hospitals, schools, banks, and airports in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are among large scale surveillance applications that require sophisticated security systems. These new buildings and projects have greatly contributed to digital video and equipment sales.

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