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Meet the newest cast member of Heroes...Cisco Video Surveillance

Published by Jennifer on December 5, 2007 1:43 PM

Cisco surveillance cameras have a starring role in the TV smash Heroes - not as a shapeshifting or time traveling Hero, but as a form of strict security for Primatech Paper.

Primatech Paper, also known on Heroes as "The Company," is a research facility and covert international organization dedicated to tracking people with special genetic abilities (like many cast members of "Heroes") disguised as a paper company.

Cisco IP video cameras are used on the facility of Primatech Paper/The Company with the intention of protecting the valuable resources, research, and subjects used in their studies. Privacy and integrity of information is essential to The Company, as any leaks of information from within could be catastrophic for the Heroes and their genetically altered compatriots.

The Company's security is two layered - the first being diversion. Choosing a bland facade like a paper company is usually enough to divert suspicion away from any unusual activities. The second layer is a system of security cameras - from Cisco in this case. Primatech has a video surveillance console on their website that allows the casual viewer to see the inner workings of the company - but viewers will be surprised to see a research laboratory instead of a normal office. What does this mean for the future of Primatech? Stay tuned in to the security cameras to find out.

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