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Mall surveillance cameras capture SUV driver's wild ride through shopping center

Published by Dan on February 26, 2008 10:55 AM

A 47-year old man now faces criminal charges for driving his silver SUV into, and through, a shopping mall in Augusta, GA. The incident occurred when Stephen Lowe, apparently upset after a feud with his wife, decided the best way to cool his jets would be to essentially recreate a famous chase scene from The Blues Brothers. Mall security cameras were on hand to capture his voyage. Those images are now being used to book Lowe on criminal charges for his inexcusable, and inexplicable, behavior.

In the surveillance footage, Lowe's drive appears almost leisurely, as he smoothly moves through the food court, past an Orange Julius, and back and forth within the mall's various concourses. While his drive demonstrates a shocking amount of skill and precision, Lowe's inebriated condition truly reveals itself when he assaults a police officer upon exiting the facility.

Demonstrating the importance of after-hours video security, the mall's comprehensive surveillance system was able to capture clear images of both the drive, and the confrontation with police.

Take a look for yourself:

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