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Hartford emergency personnel to access network traffic cameras for more efficient response

Published by Dan on July 24, 2007 4:12 PM

The Connecticut Department of Transportation currently maintains about 100 traffic cameras along a stretch of I-95 that runs between Greenwich and Branford. The cameras provide information on traffic accidents, congestion, and overall highway conditions. While still images from the cameras are viewable online via the DOT Web site, there are plans to allow first responders to gain access to live streaming images as a way to speed up reaction time and provide emergency personnel with a better idea of the incidents at hand.

The live video gives responders a tremendous advantage in that they'll be able to access an accident situation when it's reported, view the traffic conditions, and decipher the best course of action rather than heading out with no visual idea of the incident and the conditions which surround it. The network cameras also provide emergency personnel with true up-to-the-minute footage of the scene.

This is a case where the network surveillance system is already installed -- now the Department of Transportation is finding a way to take further advantage of the available technology. The project is still in its developmental stages, but the plan is to have real-time streaming video accessible to responders within a matter of months.

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