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Ghostly dragon appears on Chinese apartment surveillance system

Published by Jennifer on July 18, 2007 8:05 AM

Apartment surveillance cameras are becoming more and more popular - property managers and landlords install cameras to protect the building from vandalism and break-in, and help keep their tenants and their belongings safe. Even better, as IP video becomes a more widespread and realistic surveillance solution, apartment surveillance systems have become more and more complex, capturing more images that were never visible before.

Case in point - Chengdu, China. An apartment surveillance system, on an otherwise normal night, captures an eerie yet familiar image - a dragon. A longtime symbol of potency and power in Chinese culture, the ethereal ghost of a dragon slithers across the camera's field of vision quickly - but did not go unnoticed. A local resident made copies of the surveillance footage before it was destroyed (an order from the Chinese government) and has been spreading it to local television shows like Good Morning, Chengdu.

This isn't the first time that a ghost has been caught on surveillance camera - just a couple of weeks ago, a courthouse in New Mexico was thought to have captured a ghost as well. Could the proliferation of video surveillance cameras in places like apartment buildings bring about a new era in ghost hunting?