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Finding a balance with video surveillance

Published by Jennifer on January 4, 2008 1:34 PM

Many civil rights and privacy advocates have come together to oppose the widespread placement of video surveillance cameras in public and private places - saying that the constant recording of citizens and every day actions is an egregious invasion of privacy. Instead of battling the inevitable advances in technology, Mike Elgan at presents a refreshing solution.

Make surveillance for everyone, Elgan says. Turn surveillance from a tool for the manager into a tool for everyone and suddenly, he says, surveillance can be beneficial for everyone.
Along with improved surveillance in the home (along with monitoring telephone calls), Elgan feels that adding surveillance cameras to other human interactions would help keep everyday events like courtroom proceedings; business interactions; even political maneuvering by lobbyists; transparent and fair. Legally permitting citizens to record interactions with nannies and during negotiations with car dealerships can help protect consumer rights and provide a fair and neutral witness should the situation arise.

In the end, says Elgan, it's not the rapidly increasing technology that should be the focus of surveillance discussions - but the way that people use it, and how.

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