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Courthouse security camera reveals strange apparition

Published by Dan on June 29, 2007 2:38 PM

Are today's surveillance cameras so remarkable that they can actually capture images of spirits walking amongst the living? Sounds like the makings of an M. Night Shyamalan thriller, but a recent report out of New Mexico gives us reason to believe in specter surveillance.

The incident took place outside a Santa Fe courthouse last week, when a security camera procured peculiar footage of what appears to be a ghost wandering about the parking lot. The inexplicable apparition materializes as a bright spot of light, meanders across the front bumper of a police car, traces a semicircle in the gravel, and then moves out of view.

If not a ghost, the other, less likely, explanation is that the image is nothing more than a bug creeping across the camera lens.

What's your opinion? Take a close look at the thought-provoking surveillance footage below and decide for yourself.

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