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Coca-cola offering sugary reward for identification of thieves on surveillance footage

Published by Jennifer on December 3, 2007 7:57 AM

Vending machine designers have struggled for years to stay one step ahead of would-be snack food cons; adding features that make pilfering candy and sodas difficult and not worth it for the petty thief. A string of vending machine break-ins and thefts in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania has prompted major action from Coca Cola - who's pulling out all the stops to find two men suspected of major vending machine theft.

Surveillance video from grocery stores, offices and drug stores shows two men repeatedly approaching machines, breaking into them, stealing the contents, and making a getaway. Over the time of 27 recorded break-ins, the men have gotten the time down to eight minutes, and at times (early morning and late evening) that make in-person confrontation and arrest difficult, if not impossible.

In an attempt to squelch the vending machine marauders once and for all, Coca-Cola has released a pastiche of surveillance footage in an attempt to identify the soda-addicted thieves. Their reward? A years supply of Coca Cola - perfect for the office or busy, caffeine-addicted family.

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