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By August, Windsor cab drivers will all get in-car security cameras to deter criminals

Published by Jennifer on April 16, 2008 3:32 PM

p>In Windsor, Canada, all 216 of the licensed cabs there will contain an on-board surveilance camera by the end of August 2008. Driving a taxi is one of the most dangerous jobs available-- dangerous enough, even, to justify insurance hikes and make it onto top ten lists of "most dangerous jobs." Canadian officials hope the cameras will deter crime and prevent violent attacks, and while the cameras have been the source of some controversy, a survey conducted by the local Windsor cabbie union found that
70 percent of cabbies favor the cameras over dividers and emergency push buttons.

Winnipeg already requires surveillance cameras in cabs, and after the addition of cameras there, the city linked the cameras to a sizable decline in crimes committed against cab drivers. The cameras only serve to function as evidence in cases of theft or assault, however, so those who'd like to use the cameras to prove that a cabbie took the long way on purpose are out of luck.

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