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Brazil's Video Surveillance Industry Gradually Switching from Analog to IP video According to IMS Research

Published by Ellen on October 26, 2012 8:05 AM

As reported by IMS Research, Brazil is beginning to transition from analog to network video, owing to improved surveillance performance, better image quality, and remote accessibility. It's been a slow move for Brazil, as the country is primarily serviced by analog manufacturers who don't currently specialize in IP video surveillance. In fact, out of all of Latin America, Brazil is still continuing to use analog video as its primary provider of surveillance. But that is about to change.

Oliver Philippou, IMS Research Market Analyst, reports, "Network video surveillance equipment is set to be used for the majority of the world's two largest sporting events -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 IOC Summer Olympics Games -- a large number of major infrastructure projects within Brazil; and several extensive city surveillance projects. Brazil's network video surveillance market is forecast to see strong growth compared to other countries in Latin America."

At present, Mexico is positioned as Latin America's leading user of network surveillance, touting the highest percentage of IP video surveillance products of the total surveillance market earnings. However, Brazil is predicted to experience the highest market growth in this sector in the forthcoming years.

Chile and Columbia are also leaning more towards IP video surveillance versus analog video. IMS Research reports that this switch was motivated by large infrastructure projects such as city security camera projects, traffic monitoring, railway security, and government applications.


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