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Bank security cameras uproot burglar disguised as tree

Published by Dan on July 10, 2007 11:45 AM

A bank robber with a classic disguise discovered something last week that most of us learned from Kermit the Frog -- it's not easy being green. James Coldwell, 49, attempted to rob a Manchester bank while wearing an assortment of leafy tree branches and shrubbery duct-taped to his head and body. It's also important to note that Coldwell sports a thick moustache. While such a disguise often works in the cartoons, it failed to fool the bank's security camera system which was able to see past the branches to capture clear images of Coldwell during his sordid operation.


The walking houseplant entered the downtown bank on Saturday morning and delivered a message to the teller requesting cold hard cash. His wish was granted, but upon leaving the bank, he panicked, dropped the bag of cash, and sped away in his car. Soon thereafter, the bank's surveillance video was released to the public and Coldwell was quickly identified by a viewer.

Perhaps he should have worn glasses and a big nose.

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