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Axis camera vital part in world record setting experiment

Published by Margeaux on February 7, 2011 10:04 AM

Swedish Space Corporation recently used an Axis wireless network camera in a world record setting experiment. The Esrange Space Center equipped a stratospheric balloon with an Axis Q6034-E PTZ dome network camera and sent it nearly 115,000 feet into the atmosphere. The balloon also carried research tools to gather data and parachutes to ease the landing.

The Axis Q6034-E is well suited for the job, thanks to its rugged exterior and arctic temperature control. In addition to enduring harsh environments and extreme temperatures, the Q6034-E delivers wireless streaming HDTV video.

"To deliver images in conditions of -73º C for over three hours, with the lowest temperature reaching -90º C, is very satisfying," said Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management at Axis Communications.

The ability to monitor the balloon and parachutes in real time provides researchers with new opportunities.

"To be able to visually see what is happening in real time, combined with the data we are recording, is invaluable for assessing how the parachutes behave and where they land. It will lead to more reliable and secure landings," explained Per Baldemar, head of the launching team of Rocket & Balloon Systems.

Launched from the north of Sweden, the balloon landed in northern Finland. Wireless networking enabled the camera to stream video even when it was about 250 miles away.

To view video captured by the Axis Q6034-E at nearly 115,000 feet in the air, click here. Also available are photos of the launch at the Esrange Space Center.

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