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Anna Nicole Smith: Surveillance footage could bust case wide open

Published by Jennifer on April 9, 2007 10:08 AM

American sex symbol and multimillionaire Anna Nicole Smith has been the focus of many pop culture news outlets since her untimely death on February 8, 2007.

The former model, who was found dead in her Seminole, FL hotel room has caused a flurry of speculation around her cause of death, the father of her infant, and what, of course, will be done with her massive fortune.

News outlets and gossip columns have dedicated countless hours of TV programs and inches of column space to these speculations, and now, there is more to fuel the fire.Originally, it was thought that Ms. Smith died from an overdose, of the barbituate choral hydrate. A wide variety of barbituates and anti-depressants was found in Anna Nicole's hotel room, and while the autopsy results have still not been released, an overdose has been the general consesus of the press.

The relentless investigation of her death, however, has yielded some new "information"- surveillance footage of a strange man entering Anna Nicole's hotel room before she is believed to have died. This security camera footage, recorded in the hall outside Ms. Smith's room at the Hard Rock Hotel, is believed by many to imply that she did not overdose - but that she was killed.

The release of the surveillance footage and its use by the police during subsequent investigations will help authorities identify the possible suspect. Who could it be, you ask? Why, it could be her former lover, Howard K. Stern, or her ex-husband and oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall's embittered son, E. Pierce Marshall. Former boyfriend Larry Birkhead and Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, both persons of interests in the high-stakes paternity battle over little Danielynn Smith, could also be the dark and mysterious man on the surveillance tape. A hired stooge? Room service clerk? The surveillance camera may prove to be a valuable weapon in the fight to find Anna Nicole's killer...not to mention a gold mine for the media, as its very existence will fuel the battle over this controversy for months.

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