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77-acre mall features 128 security cameras and one Orange Julius

Published by Dan on July 6, 2007 11:10 AM

The Arden Fair Mall was in desperate need of an upgrade to its existing security system, which featured only 19 security cameras -- not nearly enough to cover the 77-acre mall. Their solution? A $1.5 million security overhaul that includes 128 state-of-the-art digital surveillance cameras. The expansive surveillance system provides coverage of virtually every square inch of the complex, from public areas and parking lots, to loading areas and service corridors.

While the mall’s original cameras were stationary, the new security cameras have advanced zooming capabilities, can pan continuously, and provide clear and crisp images. Security personnel are able to monitor the surveillance cameras remotely, allowing for speedier physical response the moment suspicious activity is detected on camera.

The new security system has already proven successful. A few weeks ago, for instance, one of the security cameras captured footage of a mall employee withdrawing funds from an ATM where someone had left their card. After taking the cash, the man returned to his kiosk not knowing the entire scene had been recorded. That picture became clearer when he was fired and arrested thanks to the irrefutable surveillance footage provided by the new security cameras.

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