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Vivotek wireless IP cameras watch over animals (including monkeys!) on South African game farm

Published by Dan on October 3, 2008 4:05 PM

South Africa's Marulani game farm is a haven for wild life enthusiasts. But because of the area's rugged terrain, properly monitoring the farm can be a difficult task. Recently Marulani solved that problem by installing a wireless surveillance solution using 30 network cameras from Vivotek. The system features the Vivotek IP7132, IP7137, IP7152, and PZ6124 network cameras.

All four Vivotek IP camera models support wireless connectivity, allowing for flexible installation throughout the game farm without requiring Ethernet cables or complicated wiring. The Vivotek PZ6124 and IP7152 both offer two-way audio which allows operators to communicate with tourists on the farm and quickly respond to any incidents.

A key benefit of the wireless surveillance system is it provides the farm owner with greater control over animals trying to escape. Many of the animals are considered dangerous if they get loose, so it's important to be able to monitor them consistently. The system also plays an important role in reducing accidents and emergencies from getting out of hand, and helps to prevent break-ins and theft. Additionally, the Vivotek wireless IP cameras make it easier to monitor the health of the animals on the farm.

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