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Vivotek scores major award at prestigious security show in Taiwan

Published by Amelia on July 18, 2011 2:33 PM

At a recent security show in Taiwan Vivotek walked away a big winner at The Camera Excellence Awards. Taking home an award for the IP8162P network camera from the advanced Supreme series, the camera had to pass through a two phase selection process to meet rigorous eligibility requirements.

The buyers at the security exhibition voted for which camera they liked best. In order to judge all 19 cameras the Vivotek IP8162P was up against, every security camera competing in the same category was set up in identical simulated surveillance environments. The cameras were then judged based on how well they performed under a variety of conditions including changing light, strong backlighting, and rapid subject movement.

The IP8162P delivers 1080p HDTV resolution at 30 frames per second. The IP camera is designed to perform even in difficult lighting conditions and uses wide dynamic range to compensate for backlighting and glare. With a P-iris lens, automatic and precise iris control enhances image clarity and sharpness.

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