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Vivotek network cameras deliver supermarket surveillance for Co.op Mart

Published by Dan on June 4, 2009 1:47 PM

Co.op Mart is a popular supermarket chain based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The supermarket was looking for a video surveillance upgrade that would enhance security levels against shoplifting and robberies, while also allowing for centralized management and remote monitoring. By installing a network-based solution that uses Vivotek IP cameras, Co.op Mart was able meet these surveillance requirements, utilizing the network cameras for a variety of applications from security to researching customer behavior trends.

With locations all over the country, the Co.op Mart surveillance installation was a huge project. All told, 2,500 Vivotek network cameras now monitor the store's various locations throughout Vietnam. IP camera models included in the supermarket's surveillance solution include the Vivotek IP7131, the Vivotek FD7131 fixed dome camera, and the Vivotek PZ6122 pan/tilt/zoom network camera.

The cameras monitor entrances and exits, areas where cash transactions take place, shopping aisles, high-value product sections, and other areas of interest. Because of its superior low-light performance, the Vivotek IP7131 was chosen for areas with difficult lighting conditions. The PZ6122 monitors cash registers and offers 10x zoom to provide close-ups for identification purposes. Vivotek FD7131 network cameras feature PIR sensors that make them most suitable for detecting unauthorized access to areas such as warehouses, staff rooms, and other restricted locations.

Not only does the IP surveillance system improve security for these stores, but the video data can also be used for business strategies. Co.op Mart store managers and other authorized users can monitor multiple stores simultaneously. The footage can be extremely valuable in strategizing shelf layouts, shopping routes, and displays.

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