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Vivotek megapixel IP cameras offer industrial surveillance solution for Wintek production plant

Published by Dan on July 1, 2009 11:44 AM

The Wintek corporation, a Taiwan-based LCD manufacturer, is using Vivotek network cameras for a challenging, large-scale surveillance installation in its spacious production plant. The goal of the system is to solve security problems while improving management efficiency. The IP surveillance system features 48 Vivotek IP7138 megapixel network cameras, 16 Vivotek FD7131 IP cameras with PIR sensors, and 13 Vivotek IP7151 IP cameras in outdoor enclosures.

The 1.3 megapixel Vivotek IP7138 cameras were installed in the facility's production areas and warehouses. Because of the camera's high resolution and wide field of view, it's the ideal choice for monitoring these large spacious areas, as fewer cameras are required and operators can zoom in on video images for detailed surveillance while maintaining high image quality.

The Vivotek FD7131 was chosen for monitoring office, administration rooms, and machinery rooms. The camera utilizes a PIR sensor to detect unauthorized access by temperature, a precise detection process with higher sensitivity than traditional motion detection.

For outdoor surveillance, Vivotek IP7151 IP cameras with weather-proof enclosures were installed. The cameras monitor the perimeter of the plant and provide 24-hour surveillance with true day/night functionality.

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