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Vivotek creates new testing procedures for ONVIF compatibility

Published by Amelia on January 11, 2011 9:59 AM

Vivotek recently partnered with Milestone Systems and developed a new testing regime for ONVIF compatibility to help ensure that surveillance products will perform reliably without running into unanticipated incompatibilities. In recent years, Vivotek has taken an active role in developing ONVIF-compatible technology and products.

ONVIF defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network devices such as network cameras. The exchange of information includes video streaming, intelligence metadata, and automatic device discovery.

The full range of the 8000 series of Vivotek products is now compatible with Milestone XProtect video management software using the ONVIF interface. Cameras including the IP8161, FD8161, IP8330, IP8332, and the FD8361 have been tested for compatibility applying the new testing regime developed in-house by Vivotek using Milestone XProtect Enterprise 7.0c for around 50 test cases. The test cases looked at Smart Client live monitoring, video stream settings, ePTZ usage in megapixel cameras and more.

The latest 8000 series of Vivotek cameras have more efficient video compression using the H.264 compression standard. The 7000 series of Vivotek can also be supported by Milestone XProtect using the ONVIF interface.

To operate the cameras using the ONVIF interface select ONVIF Conformant Device in the Advanced or Manual mode of "Add hardware devices" in the XProtect software interface. This step will ensure that the Vivotek products will be detected by the Milestone software and can begin recording. Video streams from the Vivotek cameras should be configured to the H.264 compression standard for the best results.

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