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Canton Police Department uses Vivotek IP cameras to monitor city crime

Published by Margeaux on January 13, 2011 9:44 AM

Thanks to funding from a federal grant, police in Canton, Ohio are now using Vivotek IP video surveillance cameras to monitor city crime. The Canton Police Department (CPD) recently purchased eight Vivotek IP7361 cameras for day and night surveillance of outdoor areas. Police hope strategically placed cameras will document crimes in public areas, thereby increasing accountability of criminals and helping make Canton a safer town.

Police plan to maintain three cameras in Canton's most popular crime spots, such as an intersection with frequent auto accidents. The remaining five cameras will rotate through neighborhoods and public areas. So far the cameras are proving helpful, as video footage was recently used to make an arrest in a burglary case.

Video is not being monitored 24-7, so the police force is still focused on patrolling the city. During down time, officers can monitor password-protected live video feeds using laptops from any location with internet access, such as patrol cars. Footage is stored for 30 days, enabling police to review video after a crime is committed. For additional protection, an automatic email is sent to CPD if a camera is tampered with or obscured.

Eventually, CPD hopes to purchase more cameras to better cover the metro area. Vivotek IP7361 cameras are perfectly suited for the task with weatherproof housing, night video functionality and a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor for high-quality video.

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