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VideoIQ reveals the iCVR dome camera line

Published by Dan on March 17, 2010 3:57 PM

VideoIQ announced a slew of new products this week, including the iCVR dome camera line, boasting zero bandwidth recording and adaptive analytics, and an advanced video management system. What exactly does "zero bandwidth recording" really mean? In this case, it means each VideoIQ iCVR dome camera can hold up to half a terabyte of onboard storage. That's a significant amount compared to the amount of onboard storage we usually see. With this much storage built into the camera, you could conceivably record months worth of footage without having to stream to a central NVR. So that, in essence, is how these cameras can record without hoarding bandwidth.

The advanced analytics built into the VideoIQ iCVR series include intelligent, real-time threat detection with the ability to distinguish people and vehicles from other objects, animals and scene movement. Alarms are issued only when the camera detects true threats. The objective here is to make detection more effective and reliable.

VideoIQ iCVR dome cameras are available as indoor models, as well as outdoor models with options for vandal-proof and IP66 outdoor-rated housings.


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