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Vicon security cameras chosen for Beijing Olympics video surveillance

Published by Dan on January 9, 2008 9:37 AM

When the 2008 Olympic Games roll in to Beijing this summer, PTZ dome cameras from Vicon Industries will be part of an integrated video surveillance system to monitor Beijing National Stadium. The brand new venue will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games along with a variety of athletic events. The stadium seats 91,000. There is a great deal of pressure on Olympic officials to provide a safe environment for the Summer Games and video surveillance will play a significant role in that effort.

As part of this video surveillance effort, Vicon SurveyorVFT domes will be installed at Beijing National Stadium. The Surveyor VFT domes are cutting-edge network surveillance cameras with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality, 23x optical zoom, and day/night capabilities. They will be positioned around the exterior of the stadium to capture all activity outside and around the venue. Vicon will also provide pan-and-tilt drives to be used not only with the Surveyor VFT domes, but a variety of cameras from other manufacturers in the integrated surveillance system. The Vicon pan-and-tilt drives will allow Olympic security officials to control the movement of the cameras remotely in order to focus in on specific individuals and areas of concern.