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Sony network cameras provide railway surveillance for Barcelona's Line 9

Published by Dan on June 25, 2008 2:55 PM

Sony network cameras are playing a key role in securing Barcelona's massive Line 9 railway. Line 9 presents some difficult security challenges, considering 90 million passengers ride the rail line each year. In order to provide comprehensive surveillance of this sprawling railway, a whopping 2,937 Sony SNC-CS50P network cameras have been installed across 48km of track.

Because Line 9 is located underground, the IP cameras have to be reliable and flexible enough to adapt to challenging locations and placements. Remote operators are able to view live and recorded video footage provided by the Sony network cameras. The cameras work to detect suspicious activity and specific incidents such as overcrowded platforms, disruptions in pedestrian traffic flow, discarded luggage, and other potential threats. If an incident is detected, automated alerts are sent to a surveillance control center where images from each camera can be viewed simultaneously.

The Sony SNC-CS50P IP cameras handle Line 9's strict surveillance needs by offering a high resolution, a range of compression formats, and a varifocal lens for difficult lighting conditions. The system is also scalable, as additional IP cameras can be installed along the network at any time, should the line expand or change.

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