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Sony IP cameras make the grade at LaGuardia Community College

Published by Dan on August 3, 2009 11:39 AM

LaGuardia Community College, located in Long Island City, N.Y., is using intelligent network cameras from Sony to drastically improve its video security system. The Sony IP cameras are mounted throughout the campus and will aid in remote video monitoring of building corridors, streets, and parking lots. As part of the surveillance upgrade, most of the school's 200 existing analog security cameras have been replaced with a mix of Sony IP network cameras, including the Sony SNC-DF85N and the Sony SNC-DF80N intelligent mini-dome cameras.

One reason the school chose to install the Sony DF85N and DF80N is their wide dynamic range. Both camera models feature DynaView technology which drastically improves dynamic range for clear, properly exposed images even in high-contrast settings such as corridors and outdoor environments. The cameras also provide Dyna Frame Integration to capture clear images of both still and moving objects. Another key asset of both the Sony DF85N and the DF80N is their ability to seamlessly switch from day mode to night mode while maintaining excellent image quality. This day/night functionality helps to ensure that the campus is properly monitored after hours when lighting is less than ideal.

The Sony SNC-DF85N and SNC-DF80N network cameras both feature heavy-duty die-cast aluminum enclosures with polycarbonate domes and a weather-resistant design. The cameras are well-protected from acts of vandalism and tampering, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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