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Sony expands line of intelligent network cameras at ASIS conference

Published by Dan on September 26, 2007 9:16 AM

This week, at the ASIS International 2007 conference in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled two new network camera models, the SNC-RX530N and SNC-RX570N. The cameras are designed to offer a wider dynamic range along with increased sensitivity.

Many manufacturers are searching for ways to make surveillance cameras smarter. The more intelligent the camera, the better the chance of spotting a potential security threat before it happens. Sony's new offerings certainly fall in line with that way of thinking. Both support sophisticated video analytics including intelligent motion detection and object detection, along with multi-codec capabilities. Object tags, IDs and position data are created within the camera, and then streamed independently with video over an IP network so the information can be filtered, analyzed and defined by the application software. This information can also be used to trigger specific actions, for instance to activate alarms or initiate recording.

Other highlights include simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG streaming, day/night modes, 802.11g wireless connectivity, bi-directional audio, and simultaneous monitoring access for up to 20 users.

Learn more about Sony's new SNC-RX530N and SNC-RX570N network cameras.

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