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Product Spotlight: Optica Cameras

Published by Ellen on May 11, 2015 1:40 PM

Optica cameras are now more affordable than ever!

Looking for a high-definition IP camera to safeguard your property or business? highly recommends Optica's sleek line of HD cameras, all packed with premium features to boost overall security. Optica features mini domes, domes, bullets, mini bullets, and even a powerful 18x zoom PTZ camera for large applications such as malls or parking lots. What makes Optica so unique?

HD Video Resolution

All Optica network cameras come with HD video resolution to produce clear, incredibly detailed images that make the act of identifying much easier -- and possible. Forget grainy images; Optica's cameras capture remarkably sharp video to give you the power as a business owner to see everyone who steps foot onto your property. Optica cameras come in both 720p and 1080p HD video resolution.

Wide Dynamic Range

Undoubtedly, wide dynamic range is an underrated security camera features but extremely important, nevertheless. All Optica IP cameras are outfitted with wide dynamic range (WDR) to help lessen the overexposure effect of awkward or difficult lighting scenarios such as near windows. With WDR, it's much easier to get a clearer view of a scene, enhancing the quality of your video evidence.

Tamper Detection

Tamper detection is an excellent feature to have on any video surveillance camera. The Optica line of cameras all come with tamper detection to let you know if someone is trying to obstruct or cover up your security camera. This includes a change in the lens focus or a change in the camera view. Often times if tampering is detected, it means there may be a crime in the process. Criminals will often try to cover up cameras or move them in order to not be seen. You'll receive an alert should the camera detect that it is being tampered with.

Vertical View Mode

What's the vertical view mode feature? Good question, but the good news is that every Optica camera boasts this unique feature. In simplified language, vertical view mode maximizes the amount of camera resolution available for vertically-aligned scenes such as aisles in retail stores, hallways in offices, train cabins, parking lot entrances, and more.

Interested in learning more? The good news is Optica cameras come with even more features that shouldn't be missed out on. To see our full line of Optica cameras visit our Optica Camera Page.


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