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OnSSI Oscular software manages Anaheim Convention Center surveillance video

Published by Dan on November 17, 2009 4:10 PM

It wasn't difficult for OnSSI to put on a software demonstration at the recent 2009 ASIS International conference in Anaheim. That's because the Anaheim Convention Center, which hosted the event, is already using the OnSSI Ocularis DS IP video management platform to manage its large-scale video surveillance network.

In the current convention center surveillance installation, security personnel use OnSSI's NetDVMS 6.5 to gain access to video, enable recording, and archive and manage the footage remotely from anywhere on the network. NetDVMS 6.5 provides a Universal Camera Support feature that now accommodates 200 security cameras positioned throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. The surveillance setup features a combination of megapixel cameras, IP cameras from assorted suppliers, and even analog CCTV cameras which have been integrated using digital encoders.

The OnSSI system helps security personnel to oversee crowd control, react quickly to incidents requiring medical attention, and of course enhances overall security.

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