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OnSSI and VidSys join forces for intelligent physical security solution

Published by Dan on January 8, 2008 10:43 AM

VidSys has teamed up with On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) to develop an intelligent solution for physical security management. The new system enables customers to quickly and effectively analyze and respond to security events as they happen. It combines OnSSI's IP Video Surveillance System Management Solution with the VidShield platform.

OnSSI's video management suite enables security personnel to identify security threats and incidents, to quickly alert the appropriate parties, and efficiently manage physical response. When combined with VidShield, the system can integrate information from video surveillance and physical security devices, including surveillance cameras, sensors, access control systems, video playback devices, and media on hard-drives. Users are able to use all available security tools in real time to assess and respond to a situation.

The main aim of the security management solution form OnSSI and VidSys is to provide a platform for managing video surveillance and physical security in one intelligent system. The result being faster response times and less false alarms.

Go here for more information on OnSSI video management software.

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