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Mobotix cameras monitor Panama ports

Published by Margeaux on January 24, 2011 11:08 AM

Panama Ports Company (PCC) installed more than 50 Mobotix M12 day/night network cameras to monitor its Balboa and Cristobal ports. Using high resolution video, PCC is increasing crew safety and port security at two of its most important locations.

The M12 is a powerful dual-lens camera featuring two high-resolution image sensors, digital PTZ and Power over Ethernet. PCC selected the M12 for its ability to withstand extreme oceanic weather. Because it has no moving parts, the camera is low maintenance and durable against corrosive salty air.

Its integrated microphone and loudspeaker increase safety by providing an avenue for crews to communicate quickly and effectively in dangerous situations.

"It is not enough to see what is going on - we also have to be able to hear it. Our entire safety depends on these two features,” said Michael Hernandez of PCC.

The M12 was also chosen for its high-resolution video, which is a cost-effictive way to monitor large areas.

"When we saw the images from a Mobotix camera for the first time, it was like watching a DVD - the images were so clear. This sort of quality has become an absolute necessity in our sector," said Hernandez.

Clearly, port security is an utmost priority around the world. PCC opted for a night model to provide 24-7 surveillance. Read about the many configurations offers of the Mobotix M12D Network Camera.

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