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The Doorbell Goes High-Tech: Introducing the Mobotix T24 IP Video Door Station

Published by Amelia on December 1, 2010 10:06 AM

It used to be that when someone rang the doorbell you would verify who they were by peering through a tiny peephole in the door. Not anymore. With the Mobotix T24 IP Video Door Station, ringing the doorbell gets a high-tech makeover. Now available on, the innovative module combines a high-resolution camera with a keypad that controls access and monitors entrances for homes, office buildings and more.

A 3.1 megapixel 180° hemispheric door camera captures the entire entrance scene with no blind spots: wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. When someone rings the doorbell the Mobotix T24 establishes a connection with either an IP video phone or a standard computer over the network. The Video Door Station allows users to have video conversations with visitors at the door and even open the door remotely from anywhere in the world. The T24 works with the latest international video telephony standards VoIP/SIP and H.264.

If homeowners or surveillance operators are away, the hemispheric camera automatically records who came to the door in their absence. The Mobotix T24 has programmable settings for continuous or event-triggered recording such as when someone rings the doorbell or when the camera detects movement.

The IP Video Door Station is equipped with a keypad that controls access using a PIN code or an RFID transponder with the individually configurable access module. The T24 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) which allows for flexible and cost-effective installation.

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