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Mobotix provides flexible and secure surveillance solution for Coventry Airport

Published by Amelia on December 21, 2010 8:58 AM

Coventry Airport, located in the heart of the English midlands, prides itself on keeping operating costs low to pass those savings along to passengers. Although their infrastructure doesn't boast as many amenities as other airports, one area they don't skimp on is security. As the highest priority for the facility, Coventry Airport selected a system of 26 Mobotix IP cameras to monitor the airport's day-to-day operations.

The airport originally opened using a system of six analog cameras with six recorders. Ultimately, the system proved too expensive and inflexible for their needs. The Mobotix network cameras offered simpler installation with less cabling as no extra power lines were needed. The cameras draw power from the data cables. The new IP cameras also have internal memory and can temporarily store the video sequences in the case of a server failure.

The Mobotix cameras are managed from a control room through a simple Internet connection 24 hours a day. With the Multiview function, surveillance operators can simultaneously view all of the transferred images, in addition to zooming in for closer looks from each camera perspective. Event management programming helps Coventry Airport save storage space since the airport is required to keep their footage for 30 days.

The cameras are located at strategic points throughout the airport. The Mobotix camera arrangement is configured so that the appropriate sequence of images is transferred from each location as a passenger walks through the facility. Areas under surveillance include check-in, baggage check, security checkpoints, passport control, departures, and boarding gates.

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