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Mobotix IP cameras provide megapixel surveillance for Alaskan school

Published by Dan on February 18, 2009 2:11 PM

Alaska's Anchorage Christian School has completed installation of a new IP-based surveillance system that features high-resolution megapixel network cameras from Mobotix. Previously the school was monitored by a 30-camera analog CCTV system. The upgrade to Mobotix IP cameras brings far superior image quality, better reliability, and a host of sophisticated features and functions.

With thousands of people walking through the school's doors each year, security is a top priority. The new IP surveillance system allows operators to monitor every part of the campus at any given time. The cameras aren't actively monitored, but footage of specific events can be retrieved instantly using Mobotix MX ControlCenter software. Along with providing high-quality video footage for investigative purposes, the presence of the cameras works as a deterrent against activities such as bullying and vandalism.

In addition to monitoring the interior and exterior of the school, Mobotix cameras are also being used to provide comprehensive parking lot surveillance. The megapixel cameras' high resolution makes it much easier to accurately identify those causing damage to cars in the lot.

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