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Mobotix IP camera used to document shipping vessel restoration

Published by Dan on August 10, 2010 2:03 PM

Mobotix IP cameras are a key player in documenting the decades-long project restoring the Medway Queen shipping vessel in Bristol, England. The ship was nicknamed the "Heroine of Dunkirk" after it rescued 7,000 stranded troops during World War II. As an important part of maritime shipping over the last century, the restoration of the ship has caused considerable interest from the history community as well as members of the public. The Medway Queen Preservation Society chose to use a Mobotix IP camera to accurately record the process of restoration.

The Preservation Society installed a single high-resolution megapixel Mobotix camera at the boat yard where the restoration is being performed. The camera connects to a local web hosting provider who stores each month's footage. A live feed is available on the Medway Queen Preservation Society's website for real-time viewing.

The Mobotix IP camera is also programmed to take pictures at pre-programmed intervals. The pictures are stored securely and are used to accurately document the phases of reconstruction and the extent of the rebuilding efforts. A second Mobotix camera will soon be installed at the stern of the ship to capture the progress there. Upon completion of the project, the footage from the cameras will be used to create a time-lapse DVD-quality movie showing the restoration from start to finish.