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Mobotix hemispheric IP cameras deliver museum surveillance solution in Scotland

Published by Dan on July 29, 2010 4:27 PM

Scotland's oldest public museum, the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, is now protected by a collection of hemispheric IP cameras from Mobotix. The new video security installation offers an extremely discreet surveillance solution thanks to the low-profile design of the cameras.

Each Mobotix IP camera supports Power over Ethernet, allowing for flexible, cost-effective installation anywhere along the network infrastructure. A single Ethernet cable is all that's needed to power each camera and deliver video transmissions.

Using hemispheric technology, the cameras deliver wide-area surveillance throughout the museum. The high resolution of the Mobotix cameras means larger areas can be monitored with fewer cameras. The gallery area was of particular concern because of the high value of the items on display. Other areas under surveillance contain archaeology collections, historical artifacts, and priceless cultural treasures. In most instances, a single hemispheric Mobotix camera is all that's required to provide full coverage of each room.

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