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What's Unique About Industry-Leading Milestone Software?

Published by Ellen on February 26, 2015 10:17 AM

Milestone has garnered a reputation as a game-changer in video management software for delivering modern features for IP and hybrid IP-CCTV video surveillance systems. At you can find a wide selection of Milestone XProtect software and servers to meet your security needs. What makes Milestone XProtect video management software so unique? Let's take a look at some of the software's key features:

Three Viewing Clients: Milestone offers three viewing clients to allow users to access their video surveillance systems from virtually any location on a mobile device, laptop or tablet. All free with Milestone software, the Smart, Mobile, and Web client make the experience of monitoring, recording, and managing that much more convenient.

Easy Evidence Search & Share: With Milestone it's effortless to locate and review video evidence thanks to video search tools. Finding quality evidence of an incident can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack but not with Milestone -- the software gives the user the ability to quickly navigate through recorded video. You can also export video evidence with a media player, email, and MMS.

True Integration Capability: Milestone is by far one of the most versatile video management software platforms available today, allowing the user to add on other security solutions as needed, including new cameras, third-party software applications, video analytics, and access control.

Automatic Configuration Wizards: One of the advantages of Milestone XProtect software is quick set-up. Milestone XProtect software boasts automatic configuration wizards and camera detection to make it easy to get your video surveillance system up and running in no time. The camera discovery tool swiftly configures any new surveillance cameras that are added to the system.

Interactive Maps: The interactive map feature from Milestone gives you the ability to see through several camera views for a complete picture of a facility or space. The map also provides a full view of your camera installation. Depending on what XProtect software edition you have, Milestone features both single- and multi-layer maps for comprehensive visual overviews.

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