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Rhode Island Convention Center transitions to IP video security with Milestone XProtect Enterprise software

Published by Dan on July 8, 2008 8:55 AM

The Rhode Island Convention Center is no stranger to large crowds. The facility houses numerous events and conferences throughout the year. Like any venue where a healthy amount of people gather, security is a key concern. Recently, the complex embarked on a project to upgrade its analog surveillance system to one which uses IP cameras and video management software from Milestone.

Key to the new IP-based setup is the ability to run multiple security systems and devices over a single network. This allows for a great deal of flexibility as well as scalability, should additional IP cameras be required, for instance.

The Convention Center has installed Milestone software to manage the new IP video system. The full solution will be integrated with Milestone XProtect Enterprise, a powerful IP video management software that can smoothly handle the migration to new surveillance technologies as the center gradually adds more and more IP cameras.

The Rhode Island Convention Center features a 100,000 square foot exhibition hall, 23 meeting rooms, a grand ballroom, and two large parking garages. It's also attached to a 10,000-seat arena. Cameras watching over the complex are monitored 24/7 from the center's security command center.

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