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Milestone XProtect provides anti-intruder protection for 33 depot sites

Published by Amelia on August 22, 2011 3:32 PM

When Alloin, an international player in the freight and courier market needed a video management software solution to help support their anti-intruder video surveillance system for their 33 courier depots, they turned to Milestone XProtect Enterprise. XProtect Enterprise is ideally suited for handling multi-site operations with rich functionality and resilience on high data traffic servers.

Alloin's security system is made up of clusters of three to seven ultra-high resolution cameras at each of the 33 depot sites. The cameras are connected via a wireless local VPN and operate with four or eight megapixels. The megapixel format allows for wide fields of view, showing the entire warehouse area. The cameras allow for remote viewing of ongoing activity including load and traffic levels such as pallet truck movements and activity on the loading dock area.

Because the cameras are high-resolution, system operators can zoom in using Milestone software for an accurate detailed view and can even spot a handling error from the control center even from a considerable distance. The various courier depot sites are all connected remotely so that the entire video surveillance system can be managed from one central location. The feeds from the 170 cameras can be accessed from the Director of Security's office or on his laptop, which is equipped with Milestone's Smart Client.

After the success of the current system Alloin has plans for expansion. The company plans to add more cameras outside using wireless security cameras. Easily scalable, Milestone's XProtect Enterprise will accommodate the new data and technology without hassle when the upgrade is rolled out.