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Milestone XProtect Enterprise helps Danish housing association reduce vandalism and increase security

Published by Dan on June 2, 2009 3:48 PM

Last year, members of Denmark's Hojstrup Housing Association decided the time had come to crack down on theft and vandalism. Sadly, such acts were a common problem throughout the housing area, often resulting in hefty repair costs. In an effort to cut down on these problems, and to create a safer environment overall, the association voted to move forward with an IP-based video surveillance project that would incorporate network cameras and Milestone XProtect Enterprise video management software. Today, 120 IP cameras monitor the properties, while authorized users can access both live and recorded footage from remote locations.

The new housing surveillance system is fully digital. Users don't have to monitor the footage continuously. Instead, they can receive automated alerts and messages any time an incident is detected. Using Milestone's IP video software, it's easy to quickly search recorded surveillance footage by time and location to find video relating to specific incidents. Along with catching these events as they happen, the network surveillance system also serves as a deterrent. Individuals who were committing vandalism in the past, for instance, will think twice now that the IP cameras are providing comprehensive surveillance.

Already, the reported cases of theft and vandalism have dropped significantly. And with the money saved from vandalism repair, the association is hoping to build new playgrounds and a recreation center. It's no wonder the residents have responded positively to the new IP surveillance system.

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