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Milestone Systems celebrates a decade of IP video surveillance for Denmark bank

Published by Dan on November 23, 2009 4:08 PM

This month marks the ten-year anniversary of AL Bank's transition from analog to IP-based video surveillance. Ten years ago the Denmark bank, which has 66 branches and about 1000 employees, switched to a network surveillance solution using open-platform IP video management software from Milestone Systems. Today, the bank continues to use Milestone software to manage a mix of 650 security cameras providing increased safety for customers, employees, and of course assets throughout its many locations.

With Milestone software managing this large-scale bank surveillance system, operators have both central and local access to the video feeds and archived footage. Each bank branch has its own security system, while a central office team operates and manages the surveillance network. Since the IP surveillance system allows remote access, it's possible for security personnel to access and manage all of the bank's security cameras with much greater flexibility than the previous system, which only allowed local viewing from individual monitoring stations at each branch.

The surveillance cameras record 24 hours a day, and are positioned in strategic locations within each bank, and also outside to monitor ATM machines. Along with IP cameras, the system also incorporates older analog CCTV cameras running through Axis video encoders. The encoders digitize the footage so it can be delivered along the same network that the IP cameras are operating on. All of the video footage is now managed using Milestone XProtect Enterprise software.

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