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Milestone launches XProtect Analytics LNR 1.5

Published by Jennifer on March 13, 2008 10:12 AM

Designed to assist vehicle access control, traffic surveilance and law enforcement, Milestone's XProtect Analytics LPR 1.5 is a video analytics video management platform that uses special analytics to recognize and record license plate and other registration data from a wide variety of vehicles.

The ability to record license plate numbers and vehicle registration data can be a valuable security resource for a wide variety of applications - especially those with sensitive security needs that extend beyond a building and into parking lots and company grounds. Milestone XProtect LPR 1.5 can be used in factories and government buildings to ensure that only authorized vehicles enter the property. The Milestone XProtect LPR algorithm seeks out identifying data like license plates and records them with a high degree of accuracy - all while browsing through multiple databases to match car data with records from different states and countries.

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