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Milestone and Sony team up for Edge Recording solution

Published by Dan on June 2, 2010 5:07 PM

Milestone Systems and Sony recently announced a new joint venture that aims to improve the reliability of IP surveillance through edge recording (or recording straight to the camera). The system is called Edge Storage, and it basically works as stand-by storage in case of an outage or a lost connection. Footage is stored on camera, and when the connection is restored, it's automatically delivered from the camera to the Milestone XProtect server.

Some common examples where Edge Storage could come into play include backup and failover, video backup in unstable wireless network environments, and recording under a low-bandwidth network environment. In each of these examples, Edge Storage can serve as a safety net, ensuring footage will still be recorded and delivered to the archive server even if the network connection is lost. It's especially useful in situations where network bandwidth is not always sufficient.


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