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Livingston Mall installs IQinVision megapixel IP cameras

Published by Dan on February 29, 2008 10:33 AM

New Jersey's Livingston Mall recently installed a sophisticated video surveillance system that includes IQeye megapixel IP cameras from IQinVision. The cameras are strategically placed inside the mall, at outside entrances, and in the parking lot. The system operates on a wireless mesh network, which adds flexibility, and enables not only mall security personnel, but also the Livingston Police Department to access the cameras remotely. Eventually, the live video feeds will also be made available to LPD police cruisers responding to incidents and patrolling the area.

The Firetide wireless mesh network is optimized for the transmission of high-quality digital video in real-time. This technology also cuts installation costs, and makes it easy to expand the system with additional cameras as the mall continues to grow. Another key to the Livingston Mall surveillance system is the megapixel resolution provided by the IQinVision IQeye cameras. Because of their exceptional image quality, and broader field of view, fewer cameras were required to provide comprehensive surveillance of the mall.

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