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Japanese hospital surveillance provided by ACTi megapixel network cameras

Published by Dan on February 23, 2009 3:24 PM

ACTi network cameras are being used as part of a new hospital surveillance project in Japan's Chubu District. The IP-based surveillance system increases hospital security with a combination of 50 ACTi ACM-3411 megapixel dome cameras, and four ACTi ACM-5611 megapixel IP box cameras. The cameras are monitored using ACTi NVR Enterprise video management software. Compared to a traditional CCTV system, the IP-based solution was far more cost-effective for the hospital. Because the ACTi cameras operate using Power over Ethernet, installation and maintenance costs are lessened. Additionally, megapixel cameras offer a much broader field of view, so fewer cameras are required for monitoring large areas of the hospital.

Both the ACTi ACM-5611 and the ACM-3411 deliver exceptional image quality with megapixel resolution up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, and can stream megapixel video at 8 frames per second. The system offers centralized management so users can monitor multiple hospital areas simultaneously. The footage can be accessed remotely via standard web browser, or locally using ACTi's NVR software.

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