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IP Courthouse surveillance a new feature in Ghent, Antwerp courthouses

Published by Jennifer on July 28, 2008 3:30 PM

Ghent and Antwerp, long known as centers of fine arts and diamond trading, have new fineries to brag about. But, unlike a tennis bracelet or a painting by a Dutch master, the new IP video security systems and new courthouses in the two cities will provide priceless, customizable security.

IndigoVision, a well known provider of sophisticated IP cameras and visitor management systems, worked with courthouses in the two Belgian cities to create highly customizable, state of the art IP video surveillance systems. Controlled from a single software interface, a security guard can customize and control security for all aspects of the building - not just monitor security cameras.

IndigoVision's comprehensive interface covers video security in holding areas, courtrooms and judge offices, as well as monitoring for fire and other hazards - maximizing the security of the courthouses while still accomodating a budget.