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Introducing HDTV network cameras for detailed surveillance

Published by Dan on March 8, 2010 4:04 PM

In the world of home entertainment, the HDTV revolution is already well underway. The consumer electronics market has made the shift from old-school television sets to high-definition plasma and LCD models. Now, the video surveillance industry is starting to take notice of this exciting technology. More and more manufacturers are beginning to offer network camera models that meet industry standards for HDTV image quality. In the online store, you can now find a full selection of HDTV network camera's from the industry's leading manufacturers, available in 720p and 1080p resolution. These cameras are geared towards applications requiring high-resolution images and full frame rate for identification and analysis. Examples include video security for casinos, airports, passport controls, and city surveillance.

HDTV cameras produce video footage that's extremely smooth and clear. These cameras deliver exceptional color representation with a wide-screen 16:9 image format that's perfect for viewing on today's HDTV screens, as well as standard computer monitors. Our new HDTV category offers high-performance HDTV camera models from such manufacturers as Axis, Sanyo, and Sony.

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