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IndigoVision network cameras deliver video surveillance for Manchester shopping center

Published by Dan on August 19, 2008 1:56 PM

Manchester's Wythenshawe Shopping Center has made the move from analog CCTV to IP-based surveillance by way of IndigoVision network cameras. The upgraded mall surveillance system offers numerous benefits including remote video monitoring, digital storage, fast searching capabilities, and easy scalability if new cameras need to be added or repositioned.

The system consists of 40 IndigoVision IP cameras that are controlled and monitored using IndigoVision Control Center IP video and alarm management software. Operators can quickly search and analyze recorded footage, and monitor live footage from each of the cameras on large display screens. Video footage is stored digitally for up to 31 days in case specific events require further investigation and visual evidence. The system's standalone network video recorders can store a total of 6TB worth of footage.

The IndigoVision network cameras work alongside the existing analog security cameras to monitor public areas throughout the shopping center, including indoor and outdoor retail units, a complex perimeter area, and parking lots. Any footage from the analog cameras is converted to digital using IndigoVision 8000 transmitter/receiver modules for transmission over the IP network.

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