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IndigoVision IP surveillance solution serves up an ace at Argentina tennis tournament

Published by Dan on June 26, 2009 3:54 PM

A complete IP video solution from IndigoVision was deployed at the recent Copa Telmex 2009 Tennis Tournament in Buenos Aires, providing a high level of video security for spectators, workers, and the athletes themselves. The tournament takes place at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club which has a 5,500-person capacity. The IndigoVision IP surveillance system provided a great deal of flexibility, along with clear video footage for analyzing suspicious incidents.

In past tournaments, the venue was monitored by analog CCTV systems. This year, IP cameras were chosen because of their superior video quality, and their ease-of-installation anywhere along the facility's existing local area network. Cameras were positioned throughout the venue leading up to the event, with Control Center software providing a platform for IP video management. When the tournament rolled around, security personnel were able to monitor live feeds and quickly respond to incidents as they were happening. Footage was also recorded at a high resolution for post-event analysis. In the event of criminal activity, video clips were sent directly to the police who could access the footage remotely.

During the tournament, video from all of the IP network cameras was recorded onto a Windows-based IndigoVision NVR with 500GB of storage. To optimize storage space, the system was set up to record at a higher frame rate when triggered by motion. Video was recorded at a lesser frame rate during times of little activity, for instance at night. Advanced compression technology also helped to make the most of network bandwidth and NVR storage during the course of the event.

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