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IBM Smart Surveillance System qualifies for Beijing Olympics

Published by Dan on December 11, 2007 2:25 PM

Each and every time the Olympics Games are in session, we hear quite a bit about the security measures being taken by the host city. In 2008, the Olympics will be held in Beijing, and as always, security is a key concern. When it comes to video security for the 2008 Games, IBM plans on making a big splash with its Smart Surveillance System. This sophisticated computer system will be used to scan video images of Beijing streets in an effort to spot suspicious activity and potential terrorist threats.

The IBM Smart Surveillance System uses video analytics tools to index surveillance footage. When certain patterns are detected, real-time alerts are sent to the appropriate parties. Additionally, the system can be used to warn security guards when individuals enter restricted areas, and can also track cars entering and leaving a parking lot.

Along with its security efforts in Beijing, IBM is also developing a similar system to monitor lower Manhattan, and is currently integrating its Smart Surveillance System into Chicago's existing security camera infrastructure. Other areas that have already benefited from the IBM Smart Surveillance System include banks and retail locations.

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